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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is the panel skin?
Our panel skins are manufactured with 26 gauge material. We can also create panels with other gauges by request.
What panel thicknesses are available?

We have several different panel thicknesses including the following:

  • 1.5″ – R-value of 12
  • 2″ – R-value of 15
  • 2.5″ – R-value of 18
  • 3″ – R-value of 22
  • 4″ – R-value of 30
  • 6″ – R-value of 45
What panel lengths and widths are available?

We manufacture panels from 6 to 40 feet and can manufacture longer panels by request.

Our widths vary by the type of panel requested. Square edge panels measure 47.5″ wide, while our Lap panels measure 33″.

Do you offer various profiles on your panels?

We offer a mesa profile, which is a low profile, as well as a corrugated profile, which is most often used for tank application. We can also offer a smooth profile by request only.

Can your panels be used for roof applications?

Yes, absolutely. ABPI panels can be used on various types of roofing applications. Please talk to your engineer for spanning requirements.

What is your production time?

Our standard production time is 2- 3 weeks after Confirmation of Order.

Where is A Better Panel located?

Our manufacturing plant is centrally located in Innisfail, Alberta.

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver. However, we outsource all of our delivery and can help you locate a reputable trucking company that is familiar with our product and its shipping requirements.

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